The team

We have a great team here to provide you with the finest service. Experts in each of their areas, they combine to create the best possible experience for you.

“The Boss”,  Ángel Pérez.

He orchestrated this place: An inquisitive traveller, a great friend to his friends and with exquisite taste in food and wines, and surrounded by a great team.

“The Manager”, Gema Martínez

A super-executive from the old school: She is ultra-effective, multi-tasks and is decisive.

“Mr. Cuisine”, Félix Sarceda.

Tirelessly dedicated to ensuring all his food comes out just so: He is responsible for the beginning and ending of the dish before you. Leave it to him, it’s worth it.

“The Sommelier”, Sergio Mujico.

A fine knowledge of wine: Nobody could advise you better than he to create the perfect food + wine combo.