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A potted history of La Vieja Bodega Restaurant (Casalarreina)

La Vieja Bodega opened in 1994, but a terrible fire burned down the place in 2001. Far from being daunted, we took this as an opportunity to make a new/old start. And, here we are again! La Vieja Bodega has now been around providing fine wining and dining to all our visitors for over 20 years. It has become one of the must-visit restaurants in La Rioja.

Viñedos de La Rioja


You can find us in La Rioja, and what you can see here is one of our favourite landscapes: Here, photographer James Sturcke summarises what this land is all about: wine and the country. Protective mountains, creating an ideal setting. La Vieja Bodega lies in Casalarreina, a charming little village in an unbeatable location. Just 6 km from Haro (the birthplace of Rioja wines), 50 km from Logroño (capital of La Rioja), 95 km from Bilbao and the imposing Guggenheim, and just 15 minutes from the AP1 (the road to Madrid). If you are looking for the finest restaurants in La Rioja, then look no further than La Vieja Bodega for its wining and dining.

Comedor principal la vieja bodega
Mesa con platos y cubiertos La Vieja Bodega
Decoracion La Vieja Bodega
Mesa larga con copas de vino en restaurante Haro
Jardín de La Vieja Bodega
Calados La Vieja Bodega

The building is constructed in stone and brick warmly and tastefully decorated, and features high ceilings and wooden beams. The halls bring the old stone and wood of the beams and larders together with hints of modernity through our collection of paintings. We have 2 large dining areas, 2 small rooms with their own chimneys and a glass-enclosed terrace. Additionally, there is a large garden and a dual cellar area for your events. It is that easy to find the perfect place for every occasion!


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